With your support, Above & Beyond funds projects that make a real difference to patients, their families and the staff that treat them in Bristol city centre hospitals. We support the following key areas:

Welcoming environments 

The surroundings where patients are treated has a significant impact on how they feel and their recovery. It is not just about comfort and distraction, it is about a positive, calm and welcoming space that gives confidence in the care they receive. 

Above & Beyond helps by upgrading existing spaces, providing artwork and creating new spaces such as private rooms or visitor lounges. This creates a calm, relaxed and less clinical feel for a more pleasant and comforting atmosphere. The spaces that we help provide are fit to match the outstanding care provided by staff. 

Projects funded include: 

Redevelopment of the paediatric Neuroscience and Major Trauma and Rehabilitation Unit, including a rehabilitation kitchen and an Oasis Garden, a quiet space for parents and patients to spend quality time together outdoors away from the clinical environment. 

Bristol Heart Institute (BHI) atrium was designed to create a tranquil environment conducive to rehabilitation. The Heart of Bristol Appeal raised over £800,000 to enhance the facilities at the BHI and funding the atrium full of indoor trees and lets in natural light.

Innovative research

UH Bristol leads and contributes to world-class medical research studies to drive the very best treatment and care. Research is essential to advance patient care, help scientists better understand diseases and discover new and improved treatments. 

  • For every £1 that we invest into research, a further £16 is attracted in new, larger grants.
  • Funds provided go towards research project costs and funding individual researchers.

Research funded by our supporters includes: 

A pilot study into the biomarkers for bladder cancer diagnosis which aims to go onto a bigger study to help develop a new detection system. The results will be used to promote early detection to the general public.

Our corporate partner Dribuild contributed £53,000 to a study to develop a new blood test in patients with Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) to predict responses to steroid treatment.

World-class facilities and the latest technology

Technology and medical advancement is moving so fast that equipment can very quickly become outdated. The NHS can only afford to replace equipment every seven to ten years, so Above & Beyond helps by providing funds to purchase state of the art equipment, ensuring patients get the very best treatment. 

Equipment funded includes: 

A non-invasive ventilator for children in Bristol’s Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), which provides critically ill children with help breathing,

Mobile scanners, including echo-cardiogram and ultrasound scanners, to provide 24/7 access for quicker diagnosis and treatment.

A Caleo Incubator for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St Michael’s Hospital, provides much more visibility for parents to see their without taking them off the ventilator. 

Staff training and development

We are proud to support all staff at the UH Bristol. Above & Beyond plays a key part in funding staff training and development, celebrating excellence and recognising success, which encourages team work and rewards staff teams for their dedication.

Our supporters have funded: 

A level one British Sign Language course for a staff nurse at St Michael's Hospital to help communication with patients with ear pain and total deafness. 

Staff recognition schemes including the annual 'Recognising Success Awards' which celebrates staff compassion, commitment and professionalism. We also fund the 'Nursing and Midwifery Awards' which recognise individuals who have demonstrated dedication and compassion in all aspects of their work. At the awards, scholarships of £2,500 are awarded to staff so they can develop and advance their skills and experience. 

    Please continue to support our wonderful NHS staff by donating today. Thank you.