Above & Beyond is your charity

We’re here to support you so that you can give the best possible care to the people of Bristol and the South West.

In this dedicated UH Bristol staff section you will find information on:

  • Raising awareness of the charity
  • Becoming a Charity Champion
  • Fundraising for your hospitals
  • Dealing with donations on wards
  • Applying for reimbursements of small expenditure
  • Applying for grants for equipment, research, refurbishments and training that go above and beyond what the NHS can afford

Introducing the charity to the public

Patients and their friends and families are often looking for a way to say thank you for the outstanding care received in your hospitals. By introducing them to Above & Beyond, as the official charity of Bristol city centre hospitals, they will find out how donations, fundraising and volunteering make a difference to patient care.

Please encourage people to get in touch with us directly via the website, email or phone, or by dropping into the Fundraising Hub in the BRI welcome centre to chat with our volunteers:

Please note that the Fundraising Hub is closed until further notice. Find more information about the closure.

Ward donations from patients, friends and families

If you receive donations for Above & Beyond directly, you can use the donation receipt book situated on your ward to provide a receipt to the donor. Alternatively, you can visit our Fundraising Hub in the BRI welcome centre to pay in ward donations to our volunteers who will then fill out a donation receipt for you.

The donor will receive a thank you letter from the charity and learn a little more about the impact their donation will have.

Once your donation receipt book is finished, please request a new one from our Income Administrator Leanne on [email protected] and she will put it in the internal post for you.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is a simple way of giving money to charity before paying tax on it. If you're interested in signing up to payroll giving for Above & Beyond, please contact the payroll team at UHBW. Thank you.