Get Baking For Bristol!

The Bristol Bake Off is all about baking and making a difference locally. You can do it at work, with your pals at school, university or at your local club.  cupcakes 4It's easy and its fun and our free Bake Off Fundraising pack has all you need to make your bake sale rise beautifully with recipes, tips, bunting, posters and cake labels.  

Mum of two and former GP, Lisa who had two bone marrow transplants after her leukaemia diagnosis was treated at Bristol's cancer centre the BHOC and is now supporting the Golden Gift Appeal 

"I was treated by the fantastic team in Bristol and now I'm back at home makng my friend Caroline's Chocolate Cake. It's the cake we have at every family celebration and it's my son's favourite. The Bristol Bake Off is helping to give more cancer patients and their families the gift of hope. That's why I'm taking part." 

Lisa is now back with her family

Register here today! Once you are registered we will send you a Bristol Bake Off fundraising pack or if you prefer, you can download it right here... The Bristol Bake Off Web Pack.pdf 

On your marks, get set....Bake!

Dylan and Olivia bake to say thank you

Baking to say thank you

Dylan and Olivia baked yummy treats for their pals at school

delicious cupcakes

Baking at Work

Orchard Street Business Centre baked for their colleagues.

Liv who baked to raise

Baking to raise

Liv was one of our star bakers in last years Bristol Bake Off!

Birthday bake sale

Recipes to try

Stuck for ideas? Here are some of our favourites.

Sweepstake poster

Cupcake Sweepstake

Don't bake? Then take part in our cupcake sweepstake.

Birthday bake sale

Bake Sales

People have been baking all over Bristol!