Virgin Money Virtual London Marathon - October 2021

Terms and Conditions

Registration & participation

  1. I will be aged 18 years or over on the event date (3 October, 2021)
  2. On successful application, I will pay a deposit of £10 to secure my place. If I am unable to participate in the virtual London Marathon 2021, due to illness or in any other circumstance, this money will be non-refundable and non-transferable
  3. I understand that charity places in the virtual Marathon are limited, subject to availability and that this application for a charity place is subject to written acceptance by Above & Beyond
  4. I acknowledge I cannot swap, sell or transfer my place in the Event or allow anyone else to participate on my behalf
  5. I understand that in order to take part in the Event, I must complete the Event Organiser’s registration in addition to my application. Failure to complete the Event registration by any applicable deadline may mean I am unable to participate in the Event
  6. Should I for any reason decide not to, or be unable to take up or use a charity place allocated to me, I will inform Above & Beyond within one week of receiving the letter of acceptance

Minimum fundraising target

  1. I understand that by accepting an Above & Beyond charity space I am committing to a pledge to raise a minimum of £200 (not including Gift Aid) for Above & Beyond by Sunday 19 September 2021 (two weeks before event date). Deadline for receipt of funds is six weeks post Event (14 November 2021)
  2. If at any point I feel unable to raise the pledged amount, I will inform my Above & Beyond contact immediately in order that they can have the opportunity to offer assistance with fundraising
  3. I understand that my Above & Beyond contact may ask for a fundraising plan at any point after Event registration


  • I will regularly (within 30 days of receiving the money), pay all money collected on behalf of Above & Beyond directly through my Virgin Money Giving page (or other means, to be discussed with fundraising contact, e.g. BACS transfer, cheque etc.)
  • I understand that if the sum of £200 has not been paid by the fundraising deadline date (six weeks after the Event date), I may have to pay the remainder from my own personal funds within one month of the fundraising deadline date or in instalments to be agreed in writing with Above & Beyond
  • I agree that if I withdraw for any reason prior to the Event, any monies raised will be non-refundable and will be treated as a donation to Above & Beyond
  • I will only use sponsorship forms issued by Above & Beyond
  • I will send Above & Beyond my completed sponsorship forms with details of the names and addresses of and amounts donated or pledged by all sponsors no later than four weeks after the Event. This will allow Above & Beyond to process gift aid on donations


  1. I will comply with any fundraising guidance or advice issued by Above & Beyond and abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice issued by the Fundraising Regulator
  2. I will collect money only on behalf of Above & Beyond in connection with the Event
  3. I will use only lawful means to fundraise for Above & Beyond and will not do anything that harms or is likely to harm Above & Beyond’s reputation
  4. I will not use the Above & Beyond logo without permission and will obtain all fundraising materials from Above & Beyond
  5. My fundraising will not include:
    1. Raising funds by carrying out door-to-door or unsolicited collections;
    2. Collecting in any public place without first notifying Above & Beyond and receiving authorisation from the local authority and any other licences or consent that Above & Beyond require me to obtain;
    3. Collecting on private property (including shops, pubs etc.) without first obtaining permission of the owner of the private property;
    4. Conducting any raffle or lottery or putting on any public Event without first contacting Above & Beyond and taking any steps which Above & Beyond require
  6. I agree that Gift Aid payments cannot count towards the fundraising pledge and instead will be considered as over and above the pledged fundraising total
  7. I agree that Above & Beyond can terminate my authority to fundraise on their behalf at any time by sending written notice to the address given at point of registration

Personal data and images

  1. I consent to contact from Above & Beyond in relation to the virtual London Marathon regarding my event participation and will engage with the team on any relevant promotion opportunities
  2. I give permission for my personal information to be stored and used by Above & Beyond in connection with the organisation, promotion and administration of this Event
  3. I give permission for my personal information to be passed on to the event organiser by Above & Beyond for the purposes of the organisation, promotion and administration of this event

Health, safety & fitness

  1. I agree that I take part in the Event at my own risk, being physically capable of taking part in virtual London Marathon 2021 and agree to be solely responsible for my actions in relation to this Event. Above & Beyond take no responsibly for any injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of participation of virtual London Marathon 2021
  2. I will prepare myself for the physical challenge of the event and will check with my doctor to ensure I am medically fit to participate in the Event
  3. I understand that this Event is organised by the Event Organiser, London Marathon Events Ltd, who is solely responsible for the conduct and operation of the Event, including all health and safety requirements. I will read the Event Organiser’s Terms and Conditions for the Event and will comply with any specific Event rules given by them.

In the event of cancellation or postponement

  1. I understand that if the Event is cancelled or postponed, the Event Organiser, London Marathon Events Ltd, will be responsible for cancelling or postponing my place in the Event
  2. I understand that if the event is cancelled or postponed, my registration fee is non-refundable
  3. I understand that if the event is cancelled or postponed, any money I have raised is non-refundable

If you have any further questions, please contact us on [email protected] or 0117 3700 842.