Bristol Heart Institute

The Bristol Heart Institute was opened in 2009 as a centre of excellence for cardiology care for local people and specialised cardiothoracic care for patients across the southwest of England.

The centre includes:

  • Three catheter laboratories
  • A state of the art hybrid theatre
  • Three inpatient wards for cardiac patients
  • A Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU)
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • An Outpatients department

The Above & Beyond Heart of Bristol Appeal raised over £800,000 to create a positive healing environment and enhance the medical equipment and technology. 

Trusts Director of Facilities and Estates, Bob Pepper said: “It has really set a new standard for how we are improving the patient environment for the future.”

Donations can still make a real difference to patients' experience though, as Mr Glasspool of Wiltshire found. He mentioned to a nurse that he felt puffed out while gardening and this led to a speedy admittance to the BHI for a triple bypass operation in 2013. Mr Glasspool had also been experiencing problems with his knee, and while he was being treated in the BHI there were no footstools available for him to use to take the pressure off his knee. 

After discussing this with the matron, Mr Glasspool decided to make a donation towards the cost of a footstool for each ward at the BHI. The footstools cost around £80 each and they are specially designed to be adjustable in height to be suitable for every patient.
"Having these extra items is so helpful. I had used the special footstools when I was in the intensive care unit but was disappointed to learn that they weren't available in the heart institute. 
"I received excellent care and it was good to be able to say thank you for that with items that will make other patients more comfortable," said Mr Glasspool.
Matron, Graham Brant, said, "I would like to thank Mr Glasspool for such a generous donation. The stools arrived within the week and we have eight in use on a daily basis. These provide relief for those who require it and are a gift that is above and beyond what our normal equipment fund would cover."
Heart diseases account for almost half of all deaths in the UK – that’s a quarter of a million people each year. With your help we can help keep the Bristol Heart Institute at the forefront of cardiac research and treatment, and give patients the very best chance of survival as well as the extra things that make them more comfortable.

Ways to help:

Every penny helps to pay for things that really matter to patients.