Please help your local NHS hospitals celebrate 73 years of care, compassion and commitment

The past 15 months have been the most challenging in the history of the NHS. Now more than ever we all feel a deeper connection to our beloved health service, as demonstrated by the support from people like you to our local NHS hospitals during the Covid-19 pandemic, thank you. 

This year has been one of the most challenging for our NHS

NHS Birthday
Many of our NHS staff have never experienced anything like Covid-19 before. Overnight they became the frontline defence against an unknown pandemic. Unable to see their loved ones and dealing with an ever increasing number of patients, they rose to every challenge and continued to provide care and comfort to all.

After a long and tiring year, this is our chance to celebrate our NHS and give them a special birthday gift: the gift of thanks

A gift from you today will help support the 11,450 NHS staff working in Bristol city centre hospitals and the 989,000 patients they support.  Your support will allow the NHS to undertake exciting new projects and fund innovative research, ensuring patient and staff care is the very best it can be in your local hospitals.

We’ve been lucky enough to have the NHS for the past 73 years - let’s show our biggest outpouring of love to them yet!

Give a gift to your local hospitals