With our nine major hospitals serving the people of Bristol, the South West and the UK, we want to delve deeper into the past 70 years. We know that patients often come to Above & Beyond when they want to say thank you for their care, so we’re asking our supporters to show their appreciation by sending in their stories and memories of the time they spent in Bristol’s hospitals.

Brian Knowles

Brian, 79, was diagnosed with a narrowed aortic valve three years ago. He was referred to consultant Mr Alan Bryan at the Bristol Heart Institute and had surgery a few months later.

He said: “I received exceptional care and attention at the hospital and I am grateful for the treatment which enabled me to steadily resume my work and return to a normal lifestyle. I now feel very well and keep active.

“The treatment has provided a valuable extension to my life and
 enabled me continue contributing to charitable work which helps others too.

“Now I am able to enjoy my latest gift – a great-granddaughter.”

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