6 April 2021

Donations to Above & Beyond are continuing to support the hospital shuttle bus, ensuring it remains free of charge for passengers.

The bus carries staff and patients around Bristol and before the pandemic was supporting more than 2,000 passengers every month.

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With limited parking available near the hospitals, the free bus remains an essential service for staff and patients.

Stewart Cundy, Sustainable Transport and Travel Manager, said: “The location of the Bristol hospitals mean that the journey can be very daunting even for people that are healthy and able bodied due to the steep hill from Lower Maudlin Street to much of the site.

The difficulty for patients and visitors on reaching their appointments on time due to a lack of parking causes stress and anxiety. The provision off a free bus service seeks to remove this element of stress and promote ease of access to our hospitals for all.

“There are also indirect patient health benefits with the provision of the bus, as at full capacity it can carry 29 people which is approximately 10 cars avoiding a journeys to our hospitals, reducing the emissions and making the air around our hospitals cleaner.

“Above & Beyond has been generous in providing grant money of £36,000 per year to enable the Trust to retain this much-needed and valuable service, which has been operating since 1994. I'd like to thank Above & Beyond for their ongoing support of this service."

Download the shuttle bus timetable and find out more about travelling to UHBW hospitals here.

By making a donation you can support the hospital bus and other services to improve patient experience at our hospitals.