Making a difference to patients with Dementia

The number of people being diagnosed with Dementia is growing and it is anticipated that there will be two million people living with the condition by 2051. For Bristol's city centre hospitals, approximately 40% of patients being cared for in the older care wards currently have Dementia.

For these patients, a hospital admission is often more challenging than for someone without Dementia. Hospital staff not only treat their medical needs, but also do all they can to offer reassurance and familiarity. Communication and engagement are vital in reducing amxiety and increase wellbeing in Dementia patients, which is why, thanks to your donations Above & Beyond has provided funding for an iPad project, and the Dementia Café, a joint intiative with the Alzheimer’s Society.

The iPad project enables patients to be engaged in activities of their own choosing. It's aimed at promoting their cognitive ability through reminiscence and conversation and helps to improve the patient’s mood and wellbeing. This in turn has an impact on their physical recovery and can mean reduced stays in hospital.

The Dementia café provides information to carers and patients. This is especially valuable when a diagnosis is first made and those affected need support and advice. The café offers informal access to specialist staff and information on carer support services and Dementia care.

If you would like to help patients in Bristol's city centre hospitals you can: 

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