The Jolly Volunteers

A group of friends, family and colleagues with hearts of gold have formed a volunteer fundraising team to raise money for the Golden Gift Appeal. The Jolly Vols all live in Brislington and were keen to do more for Bristol and its people - to raise money for something close to their hearts and recognise all the things the hospital teams have done for them.  Deb Phillips and Christine Collingborn recruited nine others to organise their first charity event. Now, more than a year later The Jolly Volunteers have raised thousands of pounds for the Appeal and had a whole lot of fun doing it.  Jolly vols afternoon tea

Deb, who works as an accountant and is a mother of two said the hospitals had touched each of their members' lives.

"We all live locally and have come into contact with the hospitals in different ways. I had both my sons at St Michaels. We wanted to support a charity which could really make a difference." 

The group have held fundraising family fun days, Christmas Fayres and more recently an Afternoon Tea as part of The Bristol Bake Off. If that wasnt enough they are often seen helping out at charity events like the Golden Leaf Walk.   

"What I love about the charity is how supportive everyone is. They really get behind you and encourage you. It does an incredible job." 

If you fancy forming a fundraising group to raise funds for the Golden Gift Appeal we would love to hear from you.  Email Toni at or telephone 0117 3700 486.

Tell us about your fundraising

We'd love to hear from you Tell us about your fundraising