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You can make a real difference

Whether its on your own, with friends, work colleagues or as part of a company - there are lots of ways you can go above & beyond for our hospitals.

Need some inspiration? Visit our events page or download our Fundraising A-Z for some ideas to put the fun into your fundraising. 

Every single penny raised, every event organised, every hour volunteered really does make a huge difference to patients and their families here in Bristol and the South West. See here the difference your support can make. 

Take on the Because I Can Challenge 

Come on girls!  Join Team Above & Beyond and choose your challenge. Runcycle, dance, jump out of a plane or take on a muddy challenge with your pals and make a difference to patients cared for in our hospitals. See our events page for inspiration or contact our fundraising team on 0117 3700 485 or

"Taking on a challenge gives you an opportunity to learn something about yourself, whilst your efforts are being channelled into a cause that will touch the lives of many patients and their families around Bristol and the South West. I'm doing it because I can - so should you!" Rhiannon, who is taking on the Bristol to Paris Cycle Challenge. 

Find out more about Because I Can here


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Lee Hoggett

Six big runs for our hospital's

Lee runs to say thank you to BRI and St Michael's

Sarah Cycles across Asia

Sarah Cycles off her Carbon Footprint

Physiotherapist Sarah cycles for South Bristol Community Hospital

Andy and Joe Venn

Cycling for children's hospital

Andy is taking on the Bristol to Paris Cycle Challenge for son Joe

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