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Above & Beyond launched the ambitious Golden Gift Appeal to raise £6 million to transform Bristol's hospitals. We're delighted to tell you that the target has been reached thanks to your generous support. 

In June 2013 we launched an appeal to raise millions of pounds to transform Bristol's hospitals. Every penny of those generous donations is already making a difference to the care of thousands of patients from Bristol, the south west and even across the UK receive at our city centre hospitals. Thank you to everyone who has donated or offered time to support this ambitious appeal. We have been able to help fund many projects, including:

  • The first dedicated adult Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Bristol cancer centre, the Bristol Haemotology & Oncology Centre (BHOC) so that seriously ill patients can have all their treatment under one roof, and not have to visit multiple hospitals
  • Isolation rooms at the BHOC to help improve recovery for immune-compromised patients
  • BHOC patient lounge equipped with a TV, sofas and photography
  • Innovative, world class monitoring system in the BRI Intensive Care Unit enabling data to be updated instantly, driving better care and treatment
  • A brighter welcoming visitor waiting area for families of those being cared for in the BRI Intensive Care Unit
  • A new information system in Accident & Emergency to reduce violence and aggression by keeping patients informed of treatment times
  • Free WiFi in the new BRI development so patients and families can keep in touch with the outside world
  • Inspiring artwork in the older people's assessment unit to improve the environment and stimulate mobility and conversation 
  • iPads for nurses to use with dementia patients

Meet Lucy

Lucy Silverthorne (photographed below) was treated at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) Intensive Care Unit. Lucy had been leading a busy life as a mum of two young children and running her own florist business when she was suddenly struck down with streptococcal pneumonia in October 2011.  Her condition was so serious that her consultant Dr Sanjoy Shah needed to explain to Lucy's husband Steve that she may not survive. 

"I've lived in Bristol a long while. I've walked past the hospital a lot. You might look up at those windows. Behind those windows are people fighting for their lives. You never know if it will be your or someone you love. If it was, you'd want the very best care."


"I would not be here today without the BRI Intensive Care team. One of the nurses told me later if you're in the ICU you're one of the sickest people in the country. It's only when you've experienced it you realise just what a vital role these hospital teams have. That's why they need all the support we can give." 


How you have made a difference:

1. New and Old

Thanks to money from our generous supporters we have funded iPads for nurses and patients to use with our dementia patients, that stimulate cognitive ability of our patients through memory and conversation, leading to highly personalised patient care. Other facilities we will fund include a pop-up 1950s shed, which is a reminiscence room proven to lessen confusion for patients with dementia when they need to visit an unfamiliar environment like hospital. Funds have also been raised to provide puzzles, reminiscence cards and books, board games and adult colouring books which all help engage and communicate with patients.


2. Peace of mind

A multi-faith sanctuary (above, artist impression of a private room) where patients, visitors and staff from all faiths and none can find a quiet space for reflection is a really important part of patient care.The Sanctuary will be beautiful, striking and welcoming. As part of this work the Patient Affairs Office, mortuary and viewing room will also be supportive environments and the use of craft, colour and light will bring ambience and a sense of calm. 

Chaplaincy Volunteer Ginny says the new Sanctuary is much needed. Her work brings her into regular contact with those who may need to get away from busy corridors and wards for a few moments:  “It’s so important for people in hospital to have a warm, quiet space for reflection or prayer if they’re feeling distressed – a meditative space where people can have privacy, somewhere to be with their emotions at what can be a very worrying or difficult time.” she says “There is such a need for this new Sanctuary.”  


3. Bridging the gap

Mental and physical health are inextricably linked. It is estimated that 40% of BRI patients using the hospitals each year for physical illnesses also need treatment for mental health issues. We are now able to fund the refurbishment of a counselling room, costing about £10,000, to create a healing, calm, comfortable space which helps patients feel safe and reassured if they are feeling alone. 


4. Pinpoint accuracy

 John White undergoing Microwave Ablation treatment

New cancer-treatment equipment has been purchased: a microwave ablation machine enables doctors to zap cancerous tumours using micro waves, with pinpoint accuracy. It’s less invasive and quicker to perform, with no surgery and no long stay in hospital and providing a treatment route when surgery or chemotherapy is not possible.  Please read more about our Microwave Ablation Appeal here. 


We still need your support 

You can still make a real difference to Bristol's hospitals. Please help today by getting involved in our events or donating here

Lucy's story

Lucy's Story

"You might look up at those windows...behind them are people fighting for their life..."

This is her story.

The Gift of Gold Standard Healthcare

Golden Gift - supportive environment

The gift of hope

With your help we have been able to give more cancer patients the gift of hope.

Lucy Silverthorne at walk

Give the gift of life

With your help we can give more intensive care patients the gift of life

Older lady patient and nurse

Give the gift of dignity

With your help we can give patients the gift of greater dignity

Making a difference

Charlie Henderson

Giving the gift of hope to others

Charlie made all the difference with his support and fundraising

Sound sculpture 1

Art meets architecture

Golden Gift Appeal makes a difference in new ward block

Chris O Mahony

Chris takes on South Downs Way

100 miles of off-road cycling to say thank you

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