Our Appeals make all the difference

CaRE Appeal

The Bristol Haematology & Oncology Centre (BHOC), Bristol's 40 year old cancer hospital was transformed thanks to the success of our £1.6m CaRE Appeal.

CaRE Appeal transforms outpatients

Money raised by the Appeal meant that the main reception area was transformed, and services brought together to offer patients and visitors a sense of holistic care as they enter the building. Dedicated space for supportive services - including nurse specialists, counselling services and specialist psychological treatments was also created in both reception and outpatient areas. In addition the appeal funded the expansion of the outpatients department, with new clinic and consulting rooms created, offering patients more privacy and dignity.

"What the CaRE Appeal meant to the team here in the Outpatients Department was the creation of a more positive and appropriate environment where we can provide a more centred, holistic level of care and increased privacy to meet patient's needs. It will enable us to work towards improving the experience of cancer treatment for both patients and their families"

Helen, Sister of Outpatients Department, BHOC.

The final element of the CaRE Appeal's transformation of the hospital was an integrated arts programme. Artworks, lighting and way-finding signs all combine to link patients, visitors and staff with local well-loved scenes and to make the hospital more welcoming.


Heart of Bristol Appeal

Above & Beyond’s Heart of Bristol Appeal raised nearly £850,000 for the Bristol Heart Institute.

BHI atrium

The projects the Appeal supported fell into two categories: Creating a positive healing environment and the enhancement of state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

All core medical equipment was funded by the NHS. However additional funding from the Heart of Bristol Appeal helped to provide the latest technology by:

  • Providing tele-medicine facilities to link with centres throughout the region to enable urgent consultations, referrals and advice within a matter of minutes.
  • Enhancing and upgrading the centre's patient monitoring system to allow maximum mobility for convalescing patients.

Funding from the Appeal also meant the creation of a warm welcoming, and comfortable Atrium for patients and visitors, the furnishing and equipping of two visitor accommodation rooms, and the funding of an arts programme for the centre (a first for adult care within Bristol's acute hospitals)

"The calming, quality and relaxing feel of the new BHI will certainly help to minimise anxiety at what is such a difficult time for many. On behalf of all patients I would just like to say thank you to all those who have worked so hard to make this new facility so spectacular."  Peter Ashdown, former patient.