2020. A Christmas Like No Other.

As this unpredictable year draws to a close, let's take a moment to think about those who will spend Christmas in Bristol city centre hospitals. Those who are separated from their loved ones at such a special time of year.

This year - more than ever - it's so important that we are there for patients, families and staff. 

Nurse comforts older man in hospital bed

COVID-19 can't cancel Christmas

While NHS staff will try their hardest to get everyone home to spend the festivities with their families, this won't be possible for some patients. 

Whether it's someone's grandad, mum, partner or even their child, everyone deserves to have a magical Christmas morning. 

You can make sure no-one spending Christmas in hospital feels alone

By making a donation, you'll help to make a home away from home for those separated from loved ones. 

Donations ensure there's a present for every patient and that NHS staff have the supplies they need to continue working tirelessly to save lives over the festive period. 

Just £6 will cover the cost of a gift, so a generous £30 will bring happiness to five patients spending time in hospital this Christmas. 

Further donations could provide iPads so that patients can stay connected with their families, or reclining chairs for parents to sleep next to their poorly child, waking with them on Christmas Day as they would at home.

You could help buy something as simple as a dressing gown and slippers for an elderly patient to make their stay more comfortable.

Let's make 2020 a Christmas like no other by coming together in support of our local NHS hospitals. Thank you. 

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