About Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond is the charity for Bristol's nine city centre hospitals. Our fundraisers and donors make it possible for us to fund above and beyond what the NHS can provide and the projects we support affect every patient, every age and every condition:

  • Our 1.6 million CaRE Appeal helped to make Bristol's cancer center, the BHOC a warm, welcoming and modern healing environment.
  • Incubators at the Special Care Baby Unit at St Michael’s Hospital save the lives of critically ill babies.
  • Glue, paint and glitter for the Children’s Hospital Play Department helps to keep small people occupied.
  • An end of life care project provides dignity and help for patients and families during a difficult time.
  • A new research unit at The Bristol Eye Hospital looks to treatments for the future.
  • Additional rooms enable more parents to stay nearby whilst their children are in hospital.
  • State of the art equipment at the Bristol Heart Institute is providing the best for heart patients.

With your support we can continue to keep Bristol at the forefront of providing the best in gold standard care by improving the hospital environment, funding innovative research, supporting and training hospital staff and providing state of the art equipment.


New Wing For Ronald MacDonald House

We work with other charities to make a difference

A new outpatients for BHOC

A New Outpatients for Bristol's Cancer Centre

Our CaRE Appeal helped to transform the BHOC

Ward 31 say a big thank you

Monitoring Made Easy For Children's Ward

Monitoring Made Easy for Children's Ward